Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Meet Ginger"

Ok, well I wanted to share with all of you "Ginger". She is the cat Nerm knitted for me. I know you probably can't experience her in all her glory through these pictures but let me tell you, she really is wonderful.
I found and bought the pattern and begged mom to make her for me. I can knit but only in a straight line, haha. My mom is obviously a very skilled knitter. I have since then found other projects I wanted her to knit but Ginger was not so easy, even for the most experienced knitter so I don't think she is very anxious. Nerm said that there would be no more projects as complicated as Ginger. We laugh about it all the time though and how tricky Ginger turned out to be. She is super soft and feels almost like a baby blanket, which makes it great to love her but not so great when you have to use that kind of fine yarn. No one can believe that she is knitted and handmade because she really does look like an animal you would buy at a store.
Anyway, she is my very favorite and I keep her on top of the bed in my guest bedroom so she stays put. I can't wait to pass her on to my own kids, whenever I should have some. Thanks Nerm! --Kitty


Christine said...

Kitty is so pretty!!! And Nerm - you must move to up north to Minnesota and teach Jamie and I some cool knitting moves. Very cool - I can tell Kitty is so happy.

Jamie said...

I don't know, my grandma told me she could not teach me because I am a lefty!! (that was when I was little!)

Beautiful kitty!! Kitty--Your children will be so blessed to have a wonderful grandma to make them treasures like this!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, not being a knitter, that is something else! Bravo. I would love to learn how to knit someday.
Very cute kitty for sure :)

Jen said...

Lucky you! Very talented indeed!

Jamie said...

Yes, Nerm, this winter is getting old up here in MN, but if we did not live here, why would we go on vacation? haha! The kids were not excited about the snow at all today, mommy was crabby too!! We actually stayed in and watched the Bee movie!! Good news, though, it is supposed to be close to 50 by Sat!!

So, do you have plans to visit your nephew? If you ever do, please call, we'd love to have you here!

Wen said...

Kitty, you look so pretty! I have had the pleasure of seeing Ginger up close and personal! She is adorable! Nerm knows her knitting!

Victoria Lynn said...

Hi Kitty,
Wow, you are a beautiful woman with such a glowing smile! I love "Ginger", but cannot imagine how much work she must have been! Your mom is one talented woman!

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