Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas a day late! I'm always just a little behind. Here at the Nerm and Kitty house, the entire family group joined in for Christmas day dinner. Boyfriends and family friends joined in throughout the evening and filled all the rooms with laughter and conversation. We had unusually warm weather and even opened a window in the kitchen because it got hot with all the cooking. I had a fire in the fireplace anyway just because ya have to on Christmas Day!!!

Here is Tanner arriving in his new "sports" duds including the coveted Nike Shox. His dad spiked his hair and he was one cool dude!
Here's our sweet Madison with her Bitty Baby changing table. She'll make one great mommy someday.

Sisters Kitty and Amy sharing some sisterly secrets and laughs. Aren't they darling? I know I'm a little prejudiced.

Kitty, with Mekenzie and Morgan. Morgan received a dress-up kit complete with dress, heels, jewelry and tiara. She also has a wand complete with JEWELS. It was hilarious the way she acted and walked. They learn so early how to be girly-girls.

I love all my family and have loads of photos, but don't want your eyes to glaze over. Just had to get a quick greeting out to everyone. I thank the Lord for all my blessings and for having such a close and loving family. Nerm

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hope your week is going well and you're getting all those last minute things finished up. I'm working my heart out or at least my fingers! I have had so much fun this year doing all these handmade gifts. Good thing my sweetiepie hubby likes to cook, since I'm usually tangled up in thread or yarn when he comes home. We make a great team.

Here's our tree. This year we did it differently. Forever it has been in our den which has a cathedral ceiling and we'd get a 9ft tree. Very pretty. But...we really live in our bonus room, that's what honey's big screen tv is and the computer, etc. So we decided to do a smaller tree in there where we could enjoy it more. It is nice to look over and see it, but something is really missing in the den. The family doesn't like it in here particularly, esp. Kitty. I expect next Christmas, it will be back in it's rightful place, but, hey, you never know til ya try. Actually I'm expecting they are all going to want me to do two full size trees-one for each room. To that I say a resounding no way. Remember, folks, I'm trying to simplify!

Here are a few interesting ornaments. This is a rose with thorns, etc. hard to see. That's a full moon on the right of rose.

My favorite ornament-glassblown church. Quite large -at least 5" high. It is heavy so I have to be careful where I put it.

One afternoon after school while I was decorating the tree, Tanner's bus got here and he was more than happy to help. He comes here everyday after school for about an hour until Wendy gets off work to pick him up. Gives us good quality time in a low key, quiet way. Please note the chipmunk cheeks with Tootsie Roll Pop!

Last picture: This is the mantel in the den. The painting is of my great-grandfather. My grand- father painted it (he was an artist). I have several of his paintings. This one is quite large--it takes up the whole space above the mantel. I decorate around it with woodland things in keeping with the scenery of the painting.

Guess that's it for tonight, folks. Back to the knitting for me. Nerm

Monday, December 15, 2008


Greetings everyone. Hope your weekend was enjoyable. Ours went well,--enjoyed an afternoon out with Amy (middle daughter) and on Sunday a beautiful service at church. The third Sunday of Advent is called Gaudette Sunday and has a special liturgy and music. Adds a deeper dimension to the Christmas season.

Here are some pics of part of the decor-Please pardon the dark photos. These were taken mid-afternoon, but as you can see thru the windows, it was gloomy and overcast outside. The temperature has been dropping all day and is now below freezing. We are waiting for the ice and freezing rain to start. Goodie!
My dining room table has what we call the Winter Wonderland display. Tanner saw it and said, "Wow, Grammie, where did you get all this great stuff? Is that real snow?" He play and poked and oohed and aahed. Is this what Christmas is about or what!!!

Below is the little town of Bethelem. We bought this several years ago at Sam's and I love it. The detail is incredible. Tanner loves this one too. LOL

Another shot of the dining room-sorry I got my pictures out of order.
These letters spelling "NOEL" were purchased at Joann's for $1.00 each. Quite the bargain, eh?
They're made of felt with eyelets so I strung them up with yarn and hung it in kitchen window.

I managed to pull off a major goof with a previous post. Put my sister Gail's gift on there and failed to tell her not to read my blog for a while! She called today to say she had seen her gift and I felt so, so bad. But I don't have time to make her anything else. Guess I'll just have to kiss up for a while. ha ha Nerm

Friday, December 12, 2008


I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last post. Shame on me! To say I've been distracted is an understatement. Poor husband has been very sick with bronchitis and coughing his head off. That means little sleep for moi. But now after a round of antibiotics, he's on the mend and I'm rested (sort of).
I've been a one woman Christmas machine... sewing, knitting, painting, decorating, etc. It's been such fun and very rewarding. I'm hoping everyone likes what I have produced for them. I just really want to have a more meaningful Christmas this year, not so commercial. I've heard several people say the same thing. Maybe it's a sign of the times.

Here's a pic of a set of little bags (Amy Butler design) which I have made for my sister, Gail.
I think they turned out cute. Very quick and easy to make.

Now here's the real fun--an outfit for Bitty Baby (American Girl baby) for Madison. Is this precious or what? I could make doll clothes all day long.
Still got alot to finish with just two weeks left, but hopefully I'll 'git er done'. I'll show some more pictures as I progress. We're putting up the tree tomorrow night and that will cheer me on I'm sure. We got some snow here last night. Of course, it melted today, but it was beautiful while it lasted. Big, fluffy, wet flakes which coated the trees and shrubbery. Should have gone out and taken a picture.
Going shopping with Amy tomorrow. Always fun to spend time with one of my daughters.
I'll report back soon--scout's honor. Nerm

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've been a busy bee the past two days. Too bad I can't show you what else I've been doing, but like I said the recepients read this blog. But here is one cute thing I know you'll enjoy and I'm safe sharing.
I made an crayon apron for Morgan. The fabric is Kitty Cucumber who is a favorite of mine. I even have a Christmas ornament of Kitty! Isn't this the cutest thing? I love it and had a blast making it. Can't wait to give it to her at Christmas.
When my sister Gail and I were young tots, a family friend gave us each a crayon apron which I treasured and still have. I should go up in the attic and find it. It would be very vintage given my advanced age--lol. Here's a close-up of the crayon pockets. Isn't this fun?

A very sweet blogger friend Tatting Chic chose me for a Marie Antoinette award. I have to tell you seven (7) things about myself that are weird or unusual and then select 7 more to share their secrets. Here goes:
#1--I've always fantasised about being a rock band back-up singer
#2--I was an English major and love words. I would actually enjoy reading the dictionary.
#3--I love beautiful gardens & landscaping, but just not enough to go out and work at it.
Fortunately sweetie pie does the outside work.
#4--If I lived alone (Heaven forbid)I would paint my rooms in bright colors and be a hippie.
#5--Speaking of hippies, when I was in college I painted flowers on my knees.
#6--I want a small farm to raise sheep, goats & alpacas. My dream is to spin my
own yarn and knit a sweater from it.
#7--Etiquette is important to me-I think it makes us all more civilized. The world sure needs more of that!
I sound pretty boring, no? Actually I'm a lot of fun, just eccentric. I love that word.
Think I'll look it up in the dictionary. Nerm

Monday, December 1, 2008


Happy December folks. Can you believe it's December? No matter how well I think I have prepared myself each year, it sneaks up on me. That's why Advent is so wonderful. Each day brings us closer to that special day when our Savior is born. The daily readings and devotions help me focus on the reason for the season. And yes, it's Christmas! Not the "holidays"! I miss the days when our girls were young and still at home. We'd light the advent wreath each night at dinner and say a prayer or verse. These are good memories for them today. I'll confess I still buy a Advent calender for myself. ha, ha

This is not a good picture (I need a new camera, Santa), but I'm posting it anyway. I've made stockings for each family member and I needed to replace a few which have worn out or sprung a leak. I have a special request from daughter Amy to knit her one, but that's just gonna have to wait til next year. My handmade list for this year is full up.
This one is velvet with yo-yos I made out of Christmas fabric. I placed buttons in the centers and sewed on a couple of snowflake buttons. I wish it showed up better, but you get the idea.
It's back to the sewing machine for me. See ya soon. Nerm
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