Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Ramblings & Misc.

Our Easter day dawned sunny, but cold and windy. After all the church services, the family converged over here for the Feast and Egg Hunt. Everyone was happy and warm feelings with thankful hearts prevailed. Unfortunately, the decor didn't match the mood. I certainly can't match Elizabeth's efforts. Can't have it all, huh? In the process of recarpeting the living room, the dining room has all the overflow. The table was stacked high with knickknacks, books, etc. So no formal dinner for us. I did put tablecloths on the card tables, however, and a bunny or two. The kids' table's cloth got tangled around Tanner's feet and nearly pulled off in the floor! Next we'll be recarpeting the bonus room!--just kidding. I'm going for hardwood floors.

Here are my babes after the hunt-aren't they cute?

Now that life is back to "normal" (whatever that is), I am DETERMINED to finish this craft/sewing room clean up. I have so much to do and I have to get some organization in order to do it. Wish me luck and godspeed. I will report later. Nerm


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm sure yours was wonderful as well and filled with love and family! It is fun to have little ones around for Easter I think. Might be a while for us on that front. Glad to hear you had a fun filled day.

Jamie said...

Your grandchildren I'm sure don't care about the decorations, sounded like a wonderful day!! Thanks for sharing your Easter with us!

Jamie said...

Hi Nerm, Could you teach me how to link words for the site? Like you linked Elizabeth?


Jamie said...

Yay!!! You helped me SO much, thank you so very much Nerm!! Extra prayers for you today! I have been trying to figure that out for a month now! Thank you again.

Sorry about your flowers, that is frustrating when that happens. We go through that in May, we usually have to wait until the last week in May for planting, but sometimes we get antsy and do it earlier and then it gets cold at night...It is nice to hear about planting, I love to garden!

Wen said...

Nerm, I love this picture of all the cuties together. That was fun for all of them. Mekenzie is such a sweet girl and always so giving to the smaller kids. She is a jewel! Being that she is the oldest of the grandkids, she has been so much fun to watch grow up. I think it is awesome that they all love each so much and have such a good time together!

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