Thursday, March 27, 2008


I had several errands to run today of the boring variety, so I thought I'd make it worth my while and went by a quilt shop I had never been in before. Oh, boy, aren't I glad I did! They were having a sale and I reasoned that I deserved a few more yards of fabric. After all it's always for a project for someone else, so why not? This great fabric here (by Michael Miller) is for a darling quilt I'm going to make for Morgan (2 yrs old). Just ordered the pattern from Sandy Berry at her Etsy shop. Don't know if you can tell, but it's a leafy green w/chocolate background.
Sweet. Can't wait to get the pattern.

Then there was this Amy Butler fabric on sale for 50% off! Can you believe it? I'm making Mekenzie (10 yrs. old) a Twirly Skirt from Erin's pattern here. The little round things are misc. fat quarters which were $1.00 ea.-buy 12, get one free. So you KNOW I did that, right?

Must get busy-I will report back to you soon (I hope). Luv, Nerm


Jamie said...

Beautiful material! Thanks again for teaching me how to link! I'm trying to teach Christine now!

How much would you sell those skirts for? Seriously? Those colors are right up my daughters' alleys!

Christine said...

Thanks for the info also Nerm!! You are helping us blogging babies along so nicely.

You are so lucky to know how to sew! I have my moms 1969 Singer sewing machine and I just cannot figure it out. I usually rely on my mother-in-law ----she helps me out a lot!

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see the final projects! The first lady you mentioned "Sandy Barry" in the patten you ordered caught my attention,as I thought the name was familiar. When I clicked on her site, I remember that she lives here in the same town as me, and I have met her in a quilt shop,where she worked.
I'm not a quilter, but I would go into that particular shop to get some cottons for other projects. The ladies that worked there were so nice. I usually encounter some attitude from other quilt stores when I go there and buy large amounts of fabric. They seem to know that I'm not a quilter and then they seem not happy with me. But this shop in my town was so different and they were so nice.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

WOW! You got some great fabric. That chocolate and green is superb and I adore the images one it. You must show the completed quilt when you are finished.Such fortunate grandchildren you have.

Victoria Lynn said...

Hey thanks for your comment! It was fun reading your blog. I think we share quite a few things - quilting,knitting,crocheting,antiquing,baking's great to meet someone near my new home! I'll be moving as soon as my house here sells. I am moving a little bit southwest of Nashville. I can't wait!Take care! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Regina said...

amy butler at 50% off...can you feel my jealousy through the blogosphere? i have the twirly skirt tagged to try in the future, though i am not much of a sewer.

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