Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Quick Note

Sorry folks, we've been slackin' for a couple of days. Kitty is painting her heart out and I'm trying to finish knitting a kittycat to put on Etsy. He's looking a little funny-but then maybe someone will take pity on him and give him a home. I'll show a pic of him tomorrow and you can have a good laugh.
ALSO---(drum roll) I have completely emptied the closet in the sewing/craft room to sort thru ALL my fabric. Yikes. It was fun tho' b/c I found curtain fabric from all our old houses, scraps from dresses I made my girls when they were little. (I don't throw any fabric away-ever). It was a walk down memory lane. Also re-found old quilt squares & fabrics from grandmothers and even a great-grandmother. Our fabric has sure improved.
So, I will have photos tomorrow and hopefully can report on an organized closet. Nighty-night.


periwinkle vintage said...

Wow, I'm proud of you! I, too, have enuf fabric to open my own store. Your sachet is winging it's way to Tennessee!

Elizabeth said...

I find it really hard to throw fabic scraps in the trash. I have gotten better,because I too have so many scraps from all the little dresses, costumes etc. from when my daughters were little.
To answer you question on my embroidery, I think the detail is so good because the pattern I used is so well done. It is from Marie Claire, and they seem to really know the right shades to work with. I taught myself how to embroider, using a book. Most of what you see is the long and short stitch. Most people think I'm nuts for doing that type and opt for the embroidery machine, but I love the feel of the needle going into the fabric and all the satisfaction it brings, so I just go for it. I'll take a couple other pictures of older work that I have done soon.Right now though I'm still working on those darn lemons!:)

Christine said...

Thanks for the dry eye support. I didnt realize that this was a common thing - at least that is what the eye dr. said!

Jamie said...

Good job, doesn't it feel good to clean out? You could have posted before and after pictures!!

I took all my mom's old receiving blankets from all us kids and cut then into squares and am planning on making a quilt...some day. Maybe you could do that with the old dress material and curtain material? The quilt would mean so much to you.

I just had an enourmous de ja vou moment...I am meant to know you!!

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