Monday, March 10, 2008


From Nerm:
Well, it finally snowed here in Nashville! We were all so excited! Here are my two precious granddaughters, Mekenzie and Madison, playing in their yard. This is their snowman. I'm not sure exactly what the nose & mouth is made of, but it looks good, don't ya think? Here are Maddie and Mekenzie (rt) all bundled up and having a great time together.

Here's the sad part: It started melting during the night and by the next day, the sun came out and it was gone! The streets were dry and it was back to normal. But we sure enjoyed it while it lasted. (northern friends, forgive our enthusiasm).
Today it was 60 degrees here. Talk about weird weather patterns. You just get your chili made and settle down with your hot chocolate, when it's time to break out the iced tea. Good grief!
See ya next time. Nerm


Jamie said...

Your grandaughters are beautiful! I love those coats with the pink hats! Hey, it was around 30 today and we were outside for 2 hours!!! We are not as enthuiastic as you, but we were back in Nov when we got the first snowfall!! Glad you had fun in the snow!! Did they name the snowman? My kids always name ours!

Christine said...

oh you should come up north and live in Minnesota! We have been looking at this white stuff since October. Still so cold here. Your granddaughters are loving it though! Kids after my own heart. I love to be outside also.

Elizabeth said...

Aww your granddaughters look so cute. Snow is always so much fun when you don't have to deal with it longer than a few days I guess. living iWhere I grew up,farther north, every once in a blue moon you would get some snow,and boy was it magical. It snowed in Paris when we were living there and all the older people kept saying how unusual it was,then the next winter it snowed again.
Here in California it's the same deal, I just bought some spring clothing last weekend and it has been upper 70's. This weekend it will be raining again and the temps are suppose to drop. By end of April though it should be sunny til end of October!!

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