Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My New Favorite Toy

Just wanted to share my favorite new addition to my kitchen. It is my new coffee maker and it makes fresh brewed coffee in about 30 seconds. It is so much fun. It can also brew hot tea and hot chocolate. For anyone that hasn't seen these, they use little cups that you put in the top and voila, you have a fresh cup of java!
It's also perfect for company because everyone can select what flovor coffee they want or if they prefer tea. It is delicious and there's no mess! Love, Kitty


Elizabeth said...

Aren't these fun. I have a similar one,but it is the nespresso,and makes espresso, or americano type coffee. They are really popular in Europe. I also bought the cool milk steamer frother called the aerochino. I usually am a coffee purist, and resisted buying this. I loved making espresso from real beans that you ground etc... Then I went to a demo of one at Williams Sonoma, and decided to give it a try. Love it!!! Hope you have fun with yours.

periwinkle vintage said...

Hey, Girlies, how do I get to your Etsy shop? I couldn't find a link.

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