Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, I was looking through some of my recent photographs from our trip to Europe and thought I would share a couple of them with you all. These two above are from the little town of Eze, France. I thought the colors the of handmade soaps were so brilliant, I told my husband they looked good enough to eat. The second picture was a booth set up next to the soap, where a young man was selling herbs all grown locally. Not only did it look amazing but the smell was even more glorious. My husband being Italian and quite the chef, of course loaded up on the herbs. We cook with them all the time and yes, they really are amazing. It's things like this that make me miss Europe soooo much. I wish I could go every year for a couple of months. -Kitty


Jamie said...

They do look good enough to eat, I thought it was some kind of fudge!

Melissa said...

Hi girls,
Thank you for stopping by my little blog and for your sweet words. I love the idea of a mother/daughter blog. So Clever! I had a delightful browse. LOVE that you have a dog collection. I have one too. Adorable Olivia quilt! You both are so talented and fun.
Happy Day!

Elizabeth said...

The French really do know how to put out a display don't they!! We were near there in 2006. I really wanted to go to Eze and spy on my favorite Rock musicians. You know Bono and The Edge both have a house right on the ocean front in Eze. Our friends live near Cannes,and we stayed with them back in 06. Very beautiful. Your pictures made me want to go back. We still have 5 free round trip tickets that my husband accumulated while flying back and forth to France. We will most likely use them in 09. I can't wait.

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