Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is Adrianna. I know I have posted pictures of her before but I love her so much I wanted to share her again. She is losing her winter coat right now so it seems that she needs to be brushed about every hour.
I love her fur though so I don't care that she is high maintenance. She makes me laugh really hard, sometimes just by looking at her and that flat little face. As you can imagine, she is very prissy. I always like to think that if she could speak, it would be with a French accent. I know that sounds silly but I have always had a vivid imagination!
She loves to watch me paint and will sit next me for hours. It's very sweet and I talk to her often while I'm painting. Like a good little friend, she just sits there and listens. haha. Anyway, hope all you think she's cute too. -Kitty


Amy said...

I love Ms. Adrianna. I think if she had a voice it would have to be so full of attitude. Prissy doesnt do her justice! Her sister (angelina) misses her and is just as flat faced, and full of priss. Love always
Adrianna's aunt Amy (your sis)

Aunt Gail said...

Hi Nerm and Kitty. This is your sister and aunt, respectively. I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs and the pictures. It is fun to see Adrianna and all of the cloth my sister bought. I know you will make something wonderful with it. You are both soooo talented! Love you both.
Aunt Gail

Victoria Lynn said...

This is one beautiful kitty! My daughter, Rachel has a snowmarbled bengal named Frederica Jane. She is the same beautiful "seal point" brown color. And yes, she is shedding by the handfuls right now. Must be Spring! If you look back in my posts you can see her on a quilt and sunbathing in the window. What would we do without our dear animals? Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Wen said...

Oh Kitty I love all of the heart felt things that you had to say about the precious cat of yours. I know all to well of your love for her, I have seen it in action. She is so cute, too bad she won't EVER let me give her love. Not to mention the fact that she acts like she ran away anytime I house-sit for u. Even with all of that said....she is adorable!!!

jennifer said...

OOOHHHH! So pretty. I love the fluffy kitty.


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