Friday, March 7, 2008

"Meet Polly"

Kitty Says,
This is Polly and I just finished her today. I hope these pictures came out okay for everyone to see, sorry if they look a little blurry. I will be putting Polly on our Etsy account hopefully by the end of the night. Hope everyone is doing great out there. Here in Nashville, it is actually snowing!!! They are saying we might get 5 inches.
I can't believe it because earlier this week it was sunny and 60 degrees. I am supposed to meet my best friend for a sushi lunch tomorrow but now I am wondering if that's going to happen. Since we hardly ever get snow it causes everyone here to drive terrible so sometimes it's just best to stay at home then get out with all the crazy people.
I guess most of you saw the pictures from Nerm of her new cat MITZY. A year ago, Nerm knitted me a big cat. I named her Ginger and I love her so much. I have a picture of her and will post it just so you can all see. My mom says Ginger was awful to make because it took forever but she is soooo cute and the best stuffed animal I have.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Very adorable painting Kitty. I'm sure she will sell fast.
Thanks so much for the posting instructions. It makes perfect sense now. I kept writing the post first, then uploading the pictures. I think could not figure out how to have it all on there. Thanks a bunch :)

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