Sunday, August 17, 2008


Greetings to you all this Sunday night. Hope your weekend has been relaxing and just plain fun. My Sunday was indeed a day of rest-church, lunch, rest, and then Olympics watching.

You've heard me talking all summer about our outings to various yard/garage sales. I have had my granddaughters a few times, but I always take my mother. I've also spoken about her a lot too. She lives with us and has moderate Alzheimer's. She also suffers from COPD. Although she is actually very agile and gets around just about as well as I do with my arthritis--ha, ha. We're a real couple! Anyway...I have found talking her yard sale-ing each Friday has really been fun for both of us. She doesn't have to worry about remembering anything and we laugh at the funny things we find. Usually it's 3-5 sales at most we go to, because by then we're both tired. But it's cheap entertainment and a good together time for us. It gets Mother out of the house and lets me sometimes find a treasure or two. Here she is with Lilly (Larry) the cat.

Here's a couple of things I found this week. This is a cute cat--kinda primitive style for me, but still okay. It's in really good shape.

Now here's a shabby chic if I ever saw one and I have great ideas for it. This little leafy lamp was a big bargain. I'm spray painting it cream color and then will sand it to look distressed. I may do more, who knows once I get started. I'll post it when it's finished.

I have so many projects to work on. I just HAVE to get myself motivated and organized, because you-know-what is coming up in just four months! I have lots of things I want to make folks and they require my participation! ha, ha. Stay tuned to more whining. Luv, Nerm


Christine said...

Great finds! I found some really good stuff this year also. The best for me was a canoe!

Jamie said...

I love when you talk about your mother. I also love when you talk and show us your garage sale finds. I found you something, I just need to send it in the mail...don't hold your breath, I'm not that good at mailing stuff!!! Some day it will surprise you!

Your mom is beautiful and I love your relationship with her. I'm glad you have something you can do and enjoy together. I'm sure it takes some of the pressure and stress off!


It is so nice that you and your Mom get out together. It's a blessing for both of you. Looking forward to seeing the lamp finished:) Take Care.
Warmly, Deb

I have a FEW projects to do too :(

Christine said...

Nerm, You left a sweet comment. You, Jamie, and I are far apart yet close in heart!

Donna Lynn said...

Hello Nerm,
I hope you are all relaxed after your amazing road trip! WOW! That is a lot of people squeezed into a car for that long!

Happy Belated Birthday by the way, and remember every birthday is fabulously wonderful because we have again made it another year and we are still here, kicking and scratching through life!!! YEA!!!

Take care and I will visit soon, I have been working on my son's upcoming (3 weeks and counting down), wedding, so it had been busy to say the least!
Donna Lynn

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