Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Day for a Fresh Feast

Today after church Tom and I decided to go with my parents, my sister Amy and her husband to the Famers Market. I'm afraid these pictures don't even do it justice though. They are some of the "best tasting" local grown fruits and veggies in Nashville. I have to say, a day like this makes me appreciate it that I live in the South.

The best part about all of this, is that I bought all of it for under $20! The eggplants are only $1 a piece. The red and green peppers are $.50 a piece. Can you even believe that?

Tonight we have already decided we are going to have quite the feast. I can't wait. This is the food of my childhood and it takes me back to helping my Granny cook in her kitchen. She lived in Alabama and was the best southern cook I know. I will take some more pictures tonight to let you all see the final product.- Kitty


TattingChic said...

OH! Can I come over to your house for dinner today? That looks so fresh and healthy! Yummmmmmmy!

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like beautiful produce!! Hope you have a fun family gathering :)

Christine said...

That is what I call fresh! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Jamie said...

What beautiful pictures!!! I love veggies especially fresh ones from the garden!!!

How fun, isn't summer wonderful?

green mom for Jesus said...

Nice to read that others are also excited about the colorful abundance of fresh farm market fruits and veggies.
Praise God for His abundance!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a lovely time of year. Fresh produce. My garden is starting to overrun. I need 10 hands.

Victoria Lynn said...

Nerm and Kitty,
Happy Summer! How wonderful all those veggies look! Farmers Market? What Farmers Market?!! I didn't know we had one! guys will have to tell me more! Hope you're having a wonderful week! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

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