Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, I finally finished Part A of Amy's gift. Maybe Part B will be completed by Christmas! ha
My camera didn't take a very good picture of this pillow's detail. It's appliqued and outline stitched. The interesting part of this pillow is the back (below) Here is the back of pillow: It's made from part of an antique quilt. I bought this at one of my yard sales. The lady selling it didn't know what she had. I bought it $3.00! She told me that her mother had bought it years ago at an antique store and was told it was 100 years old! It sure smelled like it too. At any rate it was in shambles. Full of holes and tears. So I gently washed it and put it out on my deck to dry. I knew I wanted to salvage as much of it as I could. I mended a few ripped seams and cut out enough for the backing. I think it looks great.
I love you, baby girl! Nerm


Jamie said...

It's amazing how you can take something and make it so beautiful, restore it and make it last another 100 years!


Wendy said...

Nerm, u rock!!!! I love this pillow you made for Ame. What a treasure! So so cute. Just a birthday is on a couple of months. Put your thinking cap on!! hee hee
Love you!

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