Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Back home and so happy to be here. It was great to go visiting, but this is where I belong. Yesterday was my birthday (I can't remember which one) but we'll have the requisite party this weekend so everyone can come. Of course, I'd rather skip it and I'm not just saying that. Let's face it, I'm beyond the point of being excited about birthdays. But it's important to the rest of the family and I know it's good for the kids to have that continuity. So I'll be gracious and eat my fair share of cake and ice cream. My favorite cake is white with white icing. Just in case any of you decide to overnite a cake this way.

Beautiful hydrangeas from my precious daughter Amy. My favorite flower. While at my aunt's house, she cleaned out some cabinets of old dishes and lucky me, got to bring some home. There's a piece of carnival glass, a hobnail bowl and even a vintage little glass refrigerator dish (before tupperware). The red banded platter is from my grandmother's everyday dishes I remember from my childhood. What great memories!

Here's pretty much what the countryside looked like for much of the trip up and back. Acres and acres of flat prairie land with fields of corn and sometimes, soy beans. Being from Tennessee where it is very hilly, these flat fields were just incredible. I could see where a lot of the corn for ethanol is coming from. They also have lots of oil wells just drilling away in the fields up there.

Here is the welcome sign to the little town my aunt lives in. This is a very, very small town.
But I've been coming up here all my life, so it seems familiar to me and I don't think much about the size. While here with my mother, daughter Amy and two girls, Madison and Mekenzie, we took my aunt shopping and visiting friends and relatives. Had fun catching up with everyone and helping the little girls connect with relatives they didn't know they had.

Here's a picture of my aunt Maxine and my mother Joy. Maxine is 90 yrs old and my mom is 86 yrs. old. They look pretty good, don't they? It was a good visit, but let's just say my aunt who lives alone was just not used to children no matter how well they behave. But to be 90 yrs old, she is fantastic. I can only hope I have inherited her genes.

That's it for now, folks, I'm still doing laundry and catching up on emails. Luv, Nerm


Jamie said...

Your mom and auntie are beautiful!! I'm so glad you are home safe and had a wonderful time!! What treasures you got...the memories even bigger treasures!

Happy Birthday!!!!!! I have beautiful Hydrangeas growing in my backyard...wish I could give you a big boquet for your birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!! God Bless you Nerm!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Blessing to you! So you were a hot summer baby! 3 of my children were born in the winter and I have one hot summer baby.

Welcome back. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

You leave such nice comments on my sweety!

Have some cake and ice cream and party a are a sweetheart and deserve it!

Diana Lyn said...

Hello Nerm and Happy Belated Birthday! I never use to big deal birthdays, but boy I sure like them now, since my cancer experience, each birthday is a Yeeeeeeeeee hawwww for me! Live for the day! I love road trips, your Mom and Auntie are adorable! I am so glad you take pics. so many people don't ,they make great memories! Have a beautiful rest of the week, stop by for tea sometime ! XO Diana Lyn

Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday Nerm! Glad you made it home safe and sound,and that you had a good trip. Looks like you scored some goodies too!


Do eat cake first and have a great day. Love the hydrangeas from your daughter. Glad your home and had a nice visit with your Mom & Auntie :)
Nice treasures from your Mom. Take care. Birthday Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Mom, I am still recovering from the trip. I enjoyed it so much. I loved sitting up all night talking and just having quiet time when everyone was asleep. I promise that no matter how old you get I will make sure you eat at 7,11,&5 hehehehehe

Daisys Little Cottage said...

wow...amazing ladies...o to live that long and be independent in your own home...truly amazing!

Wendy said...

Oh Mom, Iam so happy your home safe and sound. Everyone back where they need to be. Happy Birthday and I happen to agree with your friend that every year that you celebrate your birthday is another year to be grateful for. I cant wait to see you and catch up not to mention a little cake and ice cream wont hurt. I loved Ame's comments about eating at 7, 11, and 5. I know what that is about and it is funny!

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday, Nerm! Glad you made it home where you love to be and feel like you belong. WHat a wonderful feeling.

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway...good luck!

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