Tuesday, August 26, 2008


May I whine a little please? You see, every year at Labor Day our whole family goes to the beach for a week over the holiday. We get a multi-bedroom condo and swim, shop, eat, and play games together. The girls and I bring all our scrapbooking supplies and spread out over the dining room table and have a blast while the guys go fishing. We go out to eat every nite at a different place until our seafood gauges are filled to the top. We sleep in the sun or play with the kids in the pool. Mainly we forget the real world and recharge our batteries.

Well, this year we're not going. Life has gotten too complicated. It's not so easy to keep the kids out of school an extra day or two now that they're a little older and school is more demanding. Hubby Tom and Kitty's Tommy are general contractors and have a couple of projects in mid-progress that they can't easily leave. So...here we stay.
All is now lost, however. We will get together and have a family cookout at my house I'm sure.
And now I have a good excuse to feel sorry for myself and go shopping for more quilt fabric or scrapbooking supplies or something, anything for a quick fix. ha, ha
Hope all of you get to do something fun and relaxing this holiday weekend. Luv, Nerm


Christine said...

Oh that is too bad. Just go Nerm just go....Grab everybody and leave the world and head to the beach. Who cares if someone loses their job and flunks out of school! hee hee

What a fun escape. Maybe next year!

Jamie said...

Maybe another weekend? Here in MN, schools are off for MEA, (stands for MN Education Association) Teachers are supposed to take extra classes or conferences in and kids are off 2 days in October, so it's a 4 day weekend. Do they have something like that where you live?

All is not lost, just plan another time when it will be even more enjoyable!!

Sorry it didn't work out this year though for Labor Day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That holiday would be my dream vacation. Sorry you cant' swing it this year. Thats too bad.

Maritza said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it to Destin this Labor Day Weekend! I am fortunate enough to live here and I just can't imagine being kept away.

I'll let you in on a little secret though - October is better. Maybe you guys can find an easy stopping point in everything and check out the beautiful weather, empty beaches and shops, and the awesome festivals that we have here in the fall. Hopefully we'll see you soon, Destin welcomes you :)

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like a fitting way to end this twilight zone summer! Everyone I have talked to this year about summer has felt the same way. Can't wait till fall!!!
Your tradition sounded fun though:)

Victoria Lynn said...

I am loving this cooler weather and the long awaited rain! I'm sad for you about not going to the ocean. I hope you and yours have a relaxing holiday weekend! I'm so excited to go see Donna Lynn! Have a fabulous Labor Day! Love and hugs, Victoria Lynn

Daisys Little Cottage said...

We used to do the exact same thing but not on a holiday weekend. We havent done it in years and I miss it dreadfully! Have a wonderful cookout.

Elizabeth said...

Hi guys, I tagged you , if you wanna play, come visit my blog.:)

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