Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good evening, friends. Hope the week's progressing well for you all. It's been a busy week for me with nothing much interesting to report. More babysitting for Tanner who started half-day kindergarten this week. I've been keeping him in afternoons--mainly because I'm available and the school IS just right across the street from my subdivision! Let me take this opportunity to say that I'm not a very good boy grandmother. I had three girls who had more girls and this one boy. Boys are so, busy, not cuddly. They don't want to talk, read, sew, etc.
But I am trying... ha, ha.l
This isn't my lawn, but nevertheless, it gives you a picture of a dying lawn. Mine is much browner. We have not had measureable rain in August. Maybe an afternoon quickie shower, but nothing substantial. We have managed to keep our bushes, et al, watered, but we are in a water conservation area, so we have to watch it. Now we're hoping some of Hurricane Fay's rain comes this far over. Tomorrow I am hoping to sew, sew, sew. I am trying to finish daughter Amy's birthday gift. Yes, her birthday WAS in July! If you don't know by now, please know that I am notorious to being late, behind and otherwise time challenged. My intentions are always good, but you know about the road to h--- being paved with good intentions. I'm hoping to give it to her on Saturday (we're going shopping together) so I can't show it yet. Here's a hint: Barbara Bradeburg. But, no, no, no, it's not a quilt! Yikes, I don't have that much free time! I'll take a picture of it to show and tell later.
Have a good night's sleep, my dears. Nerm


Jamie said...

Oh, boys are definitely not girls!! They use a different kind of energy...girls use the mental energy with their arguing and high pitch screaming and well, girl stuff and boys, well, they just arent' made that way!!

What does he like to play? Is he a dinosaur or car boy? (or train, or animal etc...?) try using a big piece of cardboard from a box, and make a if for dinosaurs, land for them, with mountains, swamps, trees, etc. Let him help color it with markers. If cars, a car track with houses, parks, schools, stores, etc if animals, a zoo. Just a cheap way to keep a little boy occupied. We did a dinosaur one and a car one, and used them a lot!! When we moved we did get rid of them, but he was older.

Just an idea...I'm sure he has a blast with his grandma!! He's a lucky little boy!

Elizabeth said...

Your lawn looks better than mine!! Here in California, in our area anyway, we were told to only water three times a week for 10 min. Not enough time for a huge lawn that is in front of our house. Also we had some issues with a leak in the irrigation system, and couldn't even turn the water on, so it died!! Just now though we have gotten some green. It has been a sad summer here looking at it.

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