Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yesterday Kitty and I went to beautiful downtown Franklin, TN, and met up with Victoria Lynn, her daughter Rachel and Donna Lynn. I was so excited about it I forgot my camera which is a shame because these are some cute ladies. You can see them for yourself on their respective blogs: sweet victoria antiques and blushing rose antiques. They had been shopping all day and were in a cute antique/gift shop which I didn't know existed! And I live here! Duh.
We stood there and talked up a storm for at least 30 minutes. They had other stops to make like Home Depot, grocery and less fun things, so we had to cut it short. Can't wait to sit and visit with Victoria and Rachel longer.
I am so glad I got to meet Donna Lynn-sure wish I could have had a longer visit with her. She's seems one neat lady!
I'll get some pictures of them on here sooner or later. Promise! Nerm


Jamie said...

How blessed you are to meet other bloggers....wish we could meet too! I have seen their blogs through your links, they are very pleasing to the eyes, they have beautiful pictures of beautiful, yet simple things. Can't wait to see pictures of them and you together!

Christine said...

You lucky lady. Friends are a precious find. Enjoy them to the fullest.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

You girls had a rare opportunity! To meet friends from our blogland!! I'm so glad for you and Kitty! What a great experience that would be. We will look forward to photos next time! (that's something I would do Nerm, forget the camera)
Hugs, Sherry

Victoria Lynn said...

Oh, Sweet Nerm and Kitty,
Alas, our time was much too short! It was so much fun meeting with you. We will have to get together again soon! I am loving it here in Tennessee...Hugs, Victoria Lynn

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