Monday, June 2, 2008


At Nerm's house, we certainly believe in family get-togethers! We had one on Monday, Memorial Day, and then turned right around and had another on Saturday! This one was to visit with relatives we don't see often and it just fell right to get everyone together. Hubby smoked two pork butts and it was yummy. He's as good as any bar-b-que restaurant. Lots of other goodies filled out the meal. Of course, the desserts were the best: two cheesecakes, a fruit tart, pie, etc. Let's just say no one went home hungry.
Here's a shot of Kitty with Morgan.

My kitchen was packed-you can't even see half of it. It's always the place to be!

Here's Morgan again. All the "big" kids were outside running wide open most of the evening.

Some of the guys having a serious talk on the back patio. The handsome one in pink is Kitty's hubby, Tommy.

Next weekend will be Tommy's birthday, so I guess that calls for another party. We may have this one at Kitty's house tho'. Nerm is a little tired! ha, ha.
I love having my family around. Wish we had a big house and some of them could live here just like the Waltons. As long as I could go to my room and get away once in a while-ha, ha. Hope to have some sewing to show you soon. Luv, Nerm


Jamie said...

I only have a few minutes here, but thought I would check in on you!!! I wish we lived close so I could be in your family parties!!! They look fun!

Kitty and her hubby make a cute couple!

Wen said...

Nerm, Saturday was lots of fun! The pictures of Morgan were cute. I know it is a ton of work on you and dad but sure is fun when all of us are together. I would love to see any pictures you took, maybe email them to me? Talk to you soon. Love u

TattingChic said...

What a nice family get together. THat's one of my favorite things about family is the fun get togethers. Lucky you two.

Victoria Lynn said...

You are so blessed to have wonderful family get togethers! Looks like fun. We get the keys to our house tomorrow and the moving van gets here Thursday. Donna flies in Thursday night. Should be a ton of work in the heat but a ton of fun! You are welcome to drop by, we will also try to give you a call to see what your plans are for early next week. We are going on the Historic Home Tour Sunday! Can't wait for that! Love and hugs, Victoria Lynn

Donna Lynn said...

What fun to have your family close by and to BE close too! Tell Kitty her husband rocks in that pink shirt, now that is my kind of man, not afraid of the pink! My hubs wore a gorgeous pink tie to Diana Lyn's daughters wedding a few years back and I just loved that!

I will be in Franklin in just two days from now!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Christine said...

Families are precious. The gems of life. Enjoy them and have lots of parties!

I love parties!

Elizabeth said...

I love gatherings too,but they can be exhausting can't they?! I will be having a house full of people next Friday when Caitlin graduates. My dad is coming from Chicago and the other set of grandparents as well. should be fun to see everyone,but I'm sure I will be ready fro some R&R when it is done.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Looks wonderful Nerm. Arent those lrge family gatherings fabulous. Makes it all worth cleaning up the aftermath. Your kitchen was busy, packed and so lovely to see, (like those cabinets allot). So glad you all have such a lovely time!

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