Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I know this blog was started to share my love of family and crafting. But... I took my two sweet granddaughters to see the movie Kung Fu Panda today. I just have to comment. (preach, maybe)
They had been here spending the night and just for fun, I decided to take them to the movies before meeting their mom to send them home. We were in a rush and I didn't bother to check the rating. It was a cartoon with animals, so what's to worry, right? About midway thru this movie, I thought, "wow, all they are doing is fighting". Madison (6 yrs) said, "This is a long movie" meaning she was bored. And I have to say, I agreed with her.
This movie has scary cartoon tiger-like figures, constant violence and a panda who is fat, out of shape and talks about emotional eating. I'm sure the creators hoped we would be inspired to overcome our shortcomings and accomplish great things, but all I noticed was the fighting and name calling.
All of this has reminded me how precious the innocence and vulnerability of our children is. How much is marketed to them in the name of entertainment? This has been a wake-up call for me to take nothing for granted and be vigilant.
Okay, okay, I'm off the soapbox now. I'm just saying... Nerm


Jamie said...

Tom took the kids to that movie Sunday and gave me the house to myself, while Babycakes was sleeping. He never said anything, I will have to quiz him. All I know was Jedi has been karate kicking ever since and they came home pretty wound up. Mary was bored and said the movie was boring and I guess she went potty 4 times during the movie!!

I'm sure I would have agreed with you, had I gone. I'm sad though, that I did not know.

Christine said...

I think anything with PG we still have to be careful.

I could go up on a soapbox pretty easily about any movie that is out there.

Just so important to guard our little ones.

When they get older then it is valuable to have all those teaching moments and just talk about the movie with the kids....what they thought...what was right and wrong.

Donna Lynn said...

I'm with you sister on the whole entertainment thing...it is scary, the Hollywood agenda they are pushing is working on the youngest ones, we are being lulled to sleep!

Can't wait to meet you all today, we were about to call you, no kidding, right before you called us this AM!! We are bruised and sore but want to see downtown Franklin!!!

Elizabeth said...

Some of these newer cartoons seem to be aimed more towards the parents who are bringing the children. Sorry you had a not so great experience.

By the way you have been tagged :) go to my blog and see the questions and rules, have fun.

Diana Lyn said...

Hey Nerm,OHHHHHHHHH I am so Happy you met Victoria lynn and Donna Lynn, aren'tthey the Bomb! Loads of Fun! Not sure when I will be comin for a visit, thank goodness for the internet! Yea! have a great day and want to hear all about the visit! hugs~ Diana Lyn

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It was so much easier when we were kids. Cartoons were cartoons. Yeah they had some violence like road runner but it was less violent somehow. I really didn't know it was violence. Hitting is different I guess. I feel so sad that kids innocence is taken away with even commercials now. Nothing is sacred anymore. My kids know more about things than I did when I got married! Yikes. I guess that is why I like vintage things so much. Simple easy happy times past.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

I am curious to know what the rating was. If it was G I would have asked for my money back. Kudos to you for this posting. I often feel like we are viewed as mindless fat americans who will lazily go sit thru and pay to do so' whatever crap the entertainment business throws out there....especially to our children.

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