Friday, April 25, 2008


TGIF to you all. I am so excited! Which isn't necessarily anything new! My beloved middle daughter recently called me a chihuahua because I was jumping all over the place. Please picture this arthritic grandmother jumping anywhere!

Anyway, I picked up a magazine today (so what else is new, they ask). It is a Special issue of that great idea mag called, "Cloth, Paper, Scissors". Now you have seen pictures of my craft/sewing room (at least two walls of it) and have heard me moan and groan about my struggle to organize it. Well, this magazine has page after page of crafter/artist's studios. Lots of great ideas to help poor little me. I tried to download a picture, but haven't quite figured that out yet, so just click on this link and see it for yourself. Cloth Paper Scissors Studio Issue,

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we'll be back in touch with our organized results.
Hopefully yours, Nerm


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So so funny. If you want tips on folding fabric I've got the trick to make all your fabric one uniform size. It is simple and works! My sewing room is really the only well organized room in the house. And the most important!! I've seen that magazine and its fabulous. Great great ideas. Now actually stopping sewing to get it all done is the trick!

Jamie said...

Do you think this magazine would help my school room? Looks like fun!!

Donna Lynn said...

Good for you, it will be beautiful when you are all done and you will be inspired beyond all earthly boundaries...OK, so that was a little over the top, I addmit it!
Did you see my makeover of my craft/sewing room? You have to go back in blog quite a ways to see pictures...Hope you have a blessed weekend, Victoria is flying to Frankin on Tuesday for a week and she says you are having great warm weather there...LUCKY DUCKS!
Hugs to you, Donna Lynn

Christine said...

I would love a room like that. I am organizing all of our clothes right now. All the winter stuff exchanged for summer stuff.

Keep jumping. Life is too short!

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