Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I can't believe I'm doing this--letting you into my "secret" place; aka my sewing/craft room! I'm counting on your charitable responses. No comments about conspicuous consumption or overkill or "what is ALL that stuff"? Let me explain:

No. 1: You have to understand that I love all kinds of crafts, not just sewing, knitting, quilting. I also am a big scrapbooker. I do decoupage, paint, polymer clay, most paper crafts, etc, etc. I have a hard time staying on task because there is always something else fun to do. Below is cabinet holding lots of things from books, paint, fabric and lots of other things.

Now here is where it gets interesting...my desk. This is really a large table-7 feet long-filled with all kinds of goodies to use scrapbooking, creating almost anything. I have tried to organize it, but as my darling hubby says, you can't put a gallon in a quart jar. LOL. Can you even see it all?

Click on photo to see it up close...if you DARE!

Now on top of the cabinet is this--part (yes, part) of my yarn stash. Pretty, huh? I enjoy looking at the colors.

Now the important part: I have mentioned that my mother lives with us. She has moderate dementia. When she came here, she brought all our old family pictures. While she can still remember people and events, I have made it my job to scrapbook and save as many memories as I can. The pictures start back in the 1890's and come thru the 1990's. So far I'm up to the 1940's when my Dad & Mother got married. Here is his Army picture. Isn't he cute? He was a great daddy- my sister and I were both Daddy's girls. He was in WWII & was part of the Normandy invasion and was awarded silver & bronze stars. I miss him so much and doing these albums make me feel close to him and other relatives who have passed away.

Okay, enough serious talk for now. I'll let you see the other half of the room some other time. I don't want any emails about emergency room visits due to hyperventilation! Luv, Nerm


Victoria Lynn said...

Wow! You have as much stuff as I do! lol! Only in my case it's all jammed in a closet(don't open the door!)and under a table. I'm hoping when I get moved to get organized in my new craft studio! And maybe clean out and throw away some stuff before the move. It's always hard to part with something I MIGHT need for a future craft!! Have fun crafting!Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Elizabeth said...

Hey that's not so bad. I wish I had a room to do all my stuff in. Instead I have to haul it out to the kitchen table,then put various craft,even sewing stuff in not one but two separate parts of the house :( Pretty soon here though, I think I may revamp this room with the computer and set up my sewing machine at least. So count your self lucky that you have a dedicated room for all your goodies. Plus your desk only shows that you are a creative person.

Kitty let me know if you need any advice on other regions if you do plan to go back. We have been to almost all the regions give or take a couple.

Jamie said...

Wow!! I love your space!! I'm sure it is organized to you, right? It's bright and colorful, just like you!

I love the photo of your father. What a blessing to have those photos and to be able to put it all together. You are such a giving, loving person. I can tell just by all you do, by looking at your life! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wen said...

Even though I have had the pleasure of seeing this incredible craft room up front and in person, I think it is outstanding that you have shared this with everyone. Being that I am the oldest daughter to Nerm, we (her 3 girls) have always called her craft room "Michael's" mostly bc it has as much as any Michael's store we have been to. ha ha It is sooo much fun to look through all of her stuff. I, like her, love bright colors which she has alot of. Good job on your blog, I think it is awesome! Ps... I loved seeing this picture of my Papa, boy I miss him! He was a great grandfather to us! loves to you

Christine said...

You are way too cool - being an art person I love all the color and being that I am disorganized I love it that you dont have a Martha Stewart craft room!

Love old photos also. We all came from some where. Important to pass on those memories.

It is still cold - still snow everywhere - yucko!

periwinkle vintage said...

Yes, Maam, I dared to click up close and I think your room is very organized! Believe me, I know all about trying to get 10 lbs. of something in a 5 lb. bag! Great job, girl!

BumbleVee said...

looks pretty good to me... and like you say, how can we do all sorts of different crafts and keep everything totally organized?

Throwing stuff out is not an option...sure as heck I will need it next week.! then I have to buy some more of what I just tossed. Nope. Not doing it. come to think of it... you have more "stuff" than I do..so I am off to buy some more...lol.....

Melissa said...

I love the part about your family pictures. You have me tearing up!

p.s. I love your craft store... oops I mean craft room, LOL!!! I have an inordinate amount of stuff too, but you are so much more organized than I could dream of being.
Happy Day!

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