Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know it's been a long time between posts and I promise I will be better in the future. Really I do. I could say it was tax season, Kitty's birthday, a wedding we attended, and all that kinda stuff, but really I've just been distracted. And now we have been tagged and I'm going to have to really dig deep for some cutesy stuff.
The first Tag was from Cheryl at Periwinkle Vintage in which we were to name seven (7) things nobody knows about us. Since it's Kitty and I, you lucky ducks get double the pleasure, double the fun. Here goes:

Kitty: l. I still have my baby quilt & sleep with it!
2. I love Fraggles & have one
3. I have no wisdom teeth & still have 4 baby teeth which I try to keep healthy
4. I love romantic comedies-to read & watch
5. I studied to be a graphic designer
6. I can't touch raw chicken (I use gloves)
7. I can purr like a cat

Nerm: 1. I asked my husband to marry me & he said yes!
2. We eloped.
3. We have lived on every coast of USA
4. I won Best Reader in first grade & still have the award
5. I had all three babies a la Lamaze w/no anesthesia!
6. I have always wanted a farm w/sheep to shear & make my own yarn.
7. I have traveled very widely & my favorite place to be is home.
I am such a homebody.

Now, we move on to the tag from Jamie at Make me a Saint , It's ten things we have "the urge to do now".

Kitty: 1. I want to: have a baby
2. Get a poodle
3. Buy our first home
4. Go back to Europe
5. Go on a vacation to Florida w/the whole family
6. Learn to sew & make a dress
7. Change my hair style
8. Get a pedicure
9. Go on a picnic w/my hubby
10. Lose 5 pounds

Nerm: 1. Have a new grandbaby
2. I have the urge to get these puppies housebroken
3. Do some major remodeling/redecorating
4. Finish a few craft projects
5. Do more volunteer work
6. Lose alot more than 5 pounds.
7. Budget my time better
8. Drink a cup of coffee w/hubby & put my feet up
9. Read more
10. Improve my devotional life

Gosh, now you know everything there is to know about Kitty and me. We will tag some others soon. One step at a time over here. Luv, Nerm


Victoria Lynn said...

Nerm and Kitty,
Loved learning some fun things about my new Tennessee friends! Hope Kitty had a wonderful birthday. Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Jamie said...

That is so fun to read!! Thanks for doing it!! It's especially fun, because there are 2 of each!! (I had to laugh at the "lose more than 5 lbs" remark!--me too!)
Thanks for doing it!

Wen said...

Good job Nerm and Kitty! Your answers were all pretty creative. I will have to say that loosing 5lbs is a little bit silly and no needed in the least! Nerm, you should put some pictures on from Kitty's birthday party. You need to show off you cool cake that you made! Everyone would love it!

periwinkle vintage said...

Nerm, I just love you. I, too, asked my husband to marry me, was named Best Reader (in 4th grade), would love sheep roaming my yard, especially those dark brown ones, am a serious homebody and want to lose way more than 5 lbs. No wonder we've crossed paths in life! (And I need to improve my devotional life in a BIG way, because I'm so undisciplined!!!)

Anonymous said...

Mom dont you want to tag me? I may not know anyone cause im new but I too would like to be tagged
Love amy

Victoria Lynn said...

Saw you had sun today, hope you could garden or at least dream of gardening! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

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