Saturday, April 5, 2008


DO you all get tired of my grandchildren? The correct answer is, of course, No, we love 'em! Good-'cause I sure do. Today Amy and Danny were out car shopping and I got to babysit.

Which was a good thing, Martha, because I had just finished the Twirly Skirt ; I was dying to see how it looked on her. I think it's pretty cute and its owner is pretty special as well. Mekenzie is an angel-so sweet & loving. Look at that smile!

Of course, we had to take a picture of sister, Madison (previous birthday girl), who couldn't be left out! Are they adorable? Am I smitten? Heck, yea. I am so blessed to have such sweet granddaughters!

I hope to have more goodies to show you very soon. And enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Luv, Nerm


Victoria Lynn said...

Those two are just precious angels! You must have so much fun with them. I love the fabric in that skirt. She is a lucky young lady to have you to sew for her! Looks so cute on her! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

Anonymous said...

Mom the shirt is so cute. Thank you for watching the girls. The pics are very sweet

Jamie said...

I love the twirly skirt!! I love those bright Spring colors too! Your grandaughters are adorable!

PS You are a every day person for me...we were gone yesterday afternoon/evening! I just wanted you to know that!

periwinkle vintage said...

Your girls are gorgeous! So's the skirt!

Regina said...

SUPER cute!!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

First time visitor that skirt and the girls are so pretty. They're lucky to have you sew for them, g'ma originals! Stop by & visit soon,

Wen said...

Good Grief Nerm....that is so clever and super cute! I was lucky enough to see her in this sweet skirt on Sunday afternoon. Too precious to believe! Good job Nerm!!! Those girls are toooo much!
Tanner thinks they hung the moon!!!

Christine said...

I am glad you are blessed with grandbabies. I have 2 aunties that have children that will not get married - they just live together - ya know -- well they would die to hold a grandbaby - anyways you are blessed. Kiss'em a lot they grow up fast!

Elizabeth said...

Aww very cute picture of the girls and of the very pretty skirt!!

Melissa said...

Love the skirt fabric and what cuties!!! Happy Day!

green mom for Jesus said...

Beautiful skirts!
It's so difficult to find modest skirts for my daughter.
Do you sell these? If not, please considerate it.

Melissa said...

You made 3 of these for my friend Jamie's girls, and from her blog I followed her link to here then to the directions. I just made my 6 year old daughter a twirly skirt and she just loves it. So thanks for the idea! (You can see it on my family blog - Aug 08 Adventures in Sewing).

God Bless!

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