Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Newest Addition

This is my latest completed painting. Well, I think completed anyway. I'm still debating on whether I should give her a necklace or not. I do love to accessorize so i might do a few minor changes!
My sister (Amy) really likes her and thinks she should be hanging in one of her daughter's bedrooms. Although this one I'm going to sell, I think I will have to make one for her 2 girls. They are adorable with big eyes and blond hair.
I, like Nerm love bright colors. I guess I feel that there is so much bad in the world, I just like to brighten it up. This also goes for why I love romantic comedies more than anything else. What can I say? I love happy endings! Now my husband on the other hand, doesn't quite feel the same but he's pretty tolerate of them. haha. He's more into action packed thrillers. Oh well....we try to compromise.- Kitty


Amy (the sister) said...

I love her and I want her for my downstairs entry. I would like one just like her but with a smaller one next to her and they need blond hair. HAHAHA and maybe the smaller one could even wear glasses. Just an idea. I think that sounds cute. Who would guess I would love blonds and a little blond with glasses? love you

Jamie said...

I love her!! I love the bright colors. I love those romantic comedies too, but they have to have a good ending. My husband calls them "Jamie" movies. He also prefers the action type movies. Thank you for sharing. I'd love her and 2 others in my 3 girls' room!

Elizabeth said...

Very cheerful and adorable. I can see why your sister wants it!! Keep the pretty paintings coming!:)

Wen said...

I love this painting kitty! I think she looks like you! I can totally see you in a cutie, hip little skirt like that. I think you should for sure paint a couple of pictures for the blond headed beauties!!! How cute would that be?? love u (oldest sister)

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