Friday, February 15, 2008

More on Valentine's Day

Boy, did I have a great Valentine's Day yesterday! My sweet hubby got me some roses for the special day, but not just a dozen. No, he got me 4 dozen! And they smelled good. Many roses from the florist don't have much of a scent but these did. Then hubby cooked me a gourmet dinner including shrimp and asparagus! Yum. He didn't seem to mind that I gave him a handmade card and wrote him a cheesey poem. Guess I'd better keep him.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We new bloggers must support each other ;)
Marie Claire Idees is my all time favorite magazine. I have them dating back to 1997,and I still go back to the old ones and make things. I do know the magazine Marie Maison also. I have a couple that I bought in France when living there. If you saw the magazine that I mentioned in my blog named just "Idees" you would love that one too. I practice my French with Marie Claire also.
How many children do you have? I have two daughters that followed in my footsteps with art. My oldest is in college studying fashion design and my youngest will graduate from high school this summer. She wants to study illustration. I'm a proud mom as they are both talented.
Beautiful picture of the flowers by the way. I'll be checking back.

Wen said...

What a great hubby you must have to get such beautiful flowers! I am sure he enjoyed your card you made him. I have enjoyed looking and reading your blog and the posting. blog on sisters....

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