Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Help Me! I'm Crafting and I Can't Stop!

Well, here is the latest, but not greatest, project completed. The pictures are backward since you should see the outside and then the inside pocket. I am still learning this blogging thing!
This is a tote bag made for my middle daughter, Amy. She needed something to put her lunch, books, misc. in to take to work. I think the colors are great-it's "Summer in the City" by Urban Chick for Moda Fabric. I LOVE color-you should see my house!
I am really getting in the mood to do a quilt--not a big, bed quilt. I like to make lap and wall quilts. We are blessed to have several "real" quilts handed down from parents & grandparents, so I don't really need big quilts. My daughters are too young to want anything so quaint on their beds as patchwork-ha! There just seems to be so many projects and not enough time. My biggest problem I will confess is my scattered nature. I enjoy doing too many things: knitting, crocheting, sewing, paper crafts & scrapbooking. How to choose the next project? I am my own worse enemy in that I keep buying books and magazines with more ideas. I get Idea overload!
Anyway, as my favorite expression goes, "chip, chip".
Inside pocket of tote with rick rack trim.
Completed tote shown on Big Tom's leather chair which isn't the best background-ha.
Hope you all are well and happy-bye for now! Nerm


Jamie said...

Nerm, I love the colors! What treasures you make for your daughters! You are a visual person too. Your mind is storing all those ideas from all those books. It's your passion, it shows and it's beautiful!

Amy(the middle one) said...

I love this bag. It is purrfect (kitty word for wonderful). Everyone at work loved it and couldnt believe how quick and talented you are. Everyone needs a bag like this!

periwinkle vintage said...

Hey, Nerm, your tote bag is cute, cute, cute!
Thanks again for sweet comments on my site. I think I'm in trouble now--- me and my big mouth have probably raised expectations too high, with all my big plans for what I want to do around here. Better get busy!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Cute bag Nerm. I like you keep buying magazines for more projects that I may or may not complete,but oh the possibilities huh?!

Wen said...

I love this bag Nerm....what does your oldest daughter have to do to get a cutie bag like that? You have made some wonderful treasures for my children but I think it is time for me to get in line for something that is only for me. I promise to get pictures taken of all the aminals, the dino quilt, and Morgan's sweater (super super cute) that you made. That way you can put those pictures on here for everyone to see. They wont beleive the huge gator you made. it still sleeps with Tanner every night. u r a wonderful Nerm and Grammie

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love the bag..love the blog...you girls rock..Jennifer

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