Monday, February 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!?!

Let's just say that I fell behind in my gift making this past Christmas. All those good intentions. All the planning and buying materials. Which have stacked up in my "sewing room". (We'll address my sewing room in another post). At any rate, this is a journal cover I made for Kitty. She's a big time journalist.

I made it from Michael Miller fabric which I quilted, trimmed in bias tape and added a vintage button from my stash. Viola! Only two months late. I suppose I could save it for this year's Christmas, but I can't wait. Now I only have one tote bag and a collage to finish and the 2007 holiday will be behind me. Sigh.


reinette said...

I love this. Do you think you would sell these one day? I have a daughter and she just loves all your post so far. She has a real love for art. I will continue to check your blog. Keep up the cool ideas.

Jamie said...

Hi Nerm!
Your blog is wonderful! How wonderful to do this with your daughter!

You are beautiful by the way! You are a young grandmother!

Nice to "meet" you!

periwinkle vintage said...

Hey, Ladies! Glad you found my blog! I'm new, too, so I'm learning as I go, but I LOVE it!! I'll keep checking back with you!

Wen said...

Nerm,I am so impressed with you skill on the journal cover. the funky button is super cool and the colors are my favorite. I would say you know what your doing. loves to ya'll....

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