Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adrianna--Kitty's kitty

This is Adrianna, my little kitty. I love her and although she is always into trouble, she is my dream come true. My husband gave her to me for Christmas back in 2002. She is truly a prissy cat and has such a personality. I once dressed her up as a fairy princess and for the most part she went along with it, for a minute anyway. haha. I will have to track down those pictures and post them.

I love to watch the food network (because I love to cook in addition to painting) and whenever I sit down to watch it, Adrianna jumps up on the couch, curls up and watches it with me. As soon as I'm ready to head to the kitchen, there she comes to keep me company. She just lays all the floor looking up at me, meowing every once in a while. She is a very loyal kitty who loves to put her two cents in! I have only been married over a year so I try to get ideas from different shows to cook for Tom (husband). My favorites are "Paula's Home Cooking" and "Everyday Italian". I can say some of my attempts have been successful but NOT all!! I have burnt my fair share but I'm learning and that's what counts.


periwinkle vintage said...

Hey, Nerm, thanks for your comments! I think "vintage-ness" should be a word! Love your pretty kitty cat. And I had to laugh when you mentioned "Everyday Italian." That's Giada's show, right? I always say today's menu is breast of Giada, plus whatever she's cooking!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nerm,
You should give that Chocolate cake recipe a try.... Are you catholic? My priest tells me that on Sundays you can have the thing you gave up. Mainly because there are 40 days of lent and if you count from ash Wednesday to Easter there are over forty days. My sisters priest says the same thing. So go out and make that cake on Sunday,but make sure it's all gone by Monday :)
Your kitty is too cute. I miss having a cat. I had a super cool black cat and that was the last one I had. My oldest daughter is allergic to cats so that's why I don't have any. Only Lucie bird for now.
I love food network also. Have you watched the new Jamie Oliver series ,"Jaimie at home?"

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