Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hi there! Did everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend? We sure did-sleeping late, after Sunday morning church, our whole family enjoyed a wonderful cookout my poor hubby managed in the pouring rain. And I got a lot of sewing done on Saturday. All in all a great weekend.
Now on to the next project: I am going to teach Mekenzie (10 yr old) granddaughter to sew this summer! She is about the age I was when I made my first feeble attempts at dressmaking. We are starting with a simple pajama bottom pattern (link is below. I couldn't get the photo to upload to save my life) and of course, her sister feels she must have a pair also.

They both chose kitty patterned fabric. This brightly colored one is for Mekenzie and the sweet pink is for sister Madison. We'll put lots of trims and buttons, etc. on them. Precious I'm sure!

Here are the two lovely young ladies earlier this year at the Memphis Zoo.

And here is the link for the pattern if you're interested.
If anyone out there can tell me how to copy and paste the picture and then get it to download , I sure would appreciate it.
May I take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed the blogging experience. I remember so well the first entry and how quickly we connected with others out there. It's so great to meet such nice folks with similiar interests and kind comments. Thanks to all of y'all!
I'll report back on the sewing endeavor. Be sweet. Nerm


Jamie said...

OH, that first fabric looks like real kitties ready to jump out of the fabric, it looks 3D!

Love the fabrics, shows their personalities!! Very cute!

They are so blessed to have such a wonderful Grandma to show them how to do such a wonderful talent.

Simply Stork said...

my daughter said the same thing...that material looks 3-d!

oh how I hope she has a good time learning to sew :o)


Diana Lyn said...

The kitty fabric I had to look real close I thought real kitties were palying for a minute. LOL
Thanks for going to meet up with the girls when they get there, I promise you wont be disapointed! I wish I was going! :o( Please take pictures! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :o( me crying! Have a great day! Hugs Diana Lyn

Donna Lynn said...

How precious that you are teaching your grand daughters to sew, they will never forget this special time with you! I was 10 yrs. old when my aunt introduced me to the sewing machine...sad to say, it was not love at first sew! I wanted to move the furniture around and decorate, that I am still in love with!

Hope your rain is letting up, Victoria should be pulling in there in a few days, they made it to Arizona last night...let me know if you want to meet up!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Nerm, I noticed you guys have a google add for Fabrix on the left hand side! I use to go there all the time. I haven't been a while though, but they use to have a lot of fun jersey knits.
I hope one day if I have granddaughters that I can teach them how to sew. Good for you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a great grandmother to do that for her. If my mom hadn't taught me how to sew where would I be now!!!??? And I didn't have a grandmother to teach me so I'm mighty glad she took the time and patience. And trust me, it takes loads of that!

Diana Lyn said...

Hi again Nerm and Kitty, I am diana lyn , you thought you were talking to Donna, she is the one coming to town, I am the lonely little lamby left behind! "sniff, sniff"! :o( Hugs Diana Lyn

Paul Sears Photography said...

so cute! reminds me of my little neice in Colorado! :)

Donna Lynn said...

Hey Nerm,
You commented to Diana Lyn about her coming to TN...she isn't coming, only little old me this time!

I will contact you when I get there next week...we will have to unpack first though, then the FUN!!!


Wen said...

Nerm, you are an awesome Mom to us 3 girls and just a wonderful as a Grammie to your babies. How fun for Mekenzie and Mattie! I cant wait to see the finished product. You will for sure have to take pictures of the girls modeling there new creations! Love you, tomorrow should be fun!

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