Friday, May 16, 2008

A little about me....

Ok, as most of you may know, I love to cook. Over the years I have improved quite a bit and now I consider myself to be quite the chef. I think more than anything I am best at desserts though. I have always loved them so maybe that's why they always come out so great.

I remember when I was in high school, I would watch "Father of the Bride" which is still one of my favorite movies to this day. I would always get inspired after watching it and decide that I was going to try to make a wedding cake. I would even play the soundtrack to the movie to listen to while I baked. I laugh so hard at that now because 1st) my cakes never came out looking like they did in the movie, not even close and 2nd) I was trying to make a wedding cake when there was no wedding! Haha. Poor Nerm, she just let me do it anyway though and never said how horrible it came out. I'm sure she was probably laughing on the inside though.

Well anyway, this was very 1st cook book I ever received. Nerm got it for me when I graduated high school and was headed to Atlanta to go to The Art Institute. This book is not only very funny and entertaining but the recipes are pretty good and I still use it today for some things.

I love Paula Dean and her cooking. Yes, I know she uses a lot of butter but I just don't care. It makes everything taste sooo good! I am from the South so I just can't help but love her food. I guess because it's what I grew up eating. My granny who died a few years ago, was such an awesome cook. Every time she would come to visit form Alabama, she would always bring a car load of homemade cakes, cookies, casseroles, and everything else you can imagine. It was such a treat because Nerm made us eat really healthy growing up and we never got to eat junk food. We always had to eat wheat bread with Nerm but Granny would let us eat white bread. For my sisters and I there was nothing better than Granny's homemade pimento cheese sandwiches on white bread. Haha

Over the years my palette has sophisticated past pimento cheese though and I have learned to appreciate cuisine from all parts of the world so I love to cook anything new and especially gourmet food.

Last but not least, here is my Martha Stewart Christmas Cookbook. Yeah, I know Martha is kinda of crazy and a little uptight but I like her ideas and she has some good recipes. I love Christmas more than any one I know. Since I was a child it has always been my favorite time of year. In fact, people laugh at Nerm and I because we start listening to Christmas music in October! I can't help it, it just makes us feel better. Anyway, this book has some great recipes for the Christmas holiday. Hope you all enjoy! -Kitty


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

My favorite cookbooks are my oldest. Its a great skill to cook and do it well. It will always serve you and be something you are glad you can do and enjoy. I think the home arts are being rediscovered by girls now and I think that is great.

Donna Lynn said...

I love your cookbooks! I collect them, and have way too many, I will have to do a post on mine, thanks for the bloggie idea!
How's your Mom doing, please tell her I miss her! Sure hope your weather improved too...

Donna Lynn

Jamie said...

I love your cookbooks. They are so fun. It's fun to see other people's cookbooks! Maybe we should all post our cookbooks?

I love those cookbooks that are from churches, where they are people's favorites and lots of people contribute.

I get Taste of Home cooking magazine. I love it. I started loving Paula Dean when I was nursing my last baby, I would sit down to nurse and turn on the cooking channel and all the other kids would run and watch with me!!

Thanks for sharing, you should share some of your favorite recipes and start a cooking blog!

Victoria Lynn said...

Kitty - I have to say, I was excited to find someone else who starts listening to Christmas music in October...I love music!! I guess that's a good reason to move to Nashville!! Hope to meet you and Nerm soon...maybe we can bake together this fall for the holidays (while listening to Christmas music, of course)! Love, Victoria Lynn

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kitty! Love your post! I love cookbooks too, however I'm not the cook in my house, that would be my hubby! Thank goodness one of us can cook!
Hugs, Sherry

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Kitty, On that note, I now think I need to take a ride to the diner down the road and have some chessecake !! I am happy to know that someones cooking has improved over the years as mine has gotten worse now that veryone is grown and gone. I am out of practice. Unless you consider toast and scrambled eggs a delicacy !

Wen said...

Kitty, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I think you are so cute! I think that it is so sweet that you share your stories and let people into your life. Thank you taking care of and loving Morgan this past weekend. I hope she was a good girl and you will want her to come again sometime. love u!

Elizabeth said...

If you love to cook, go check out Cream Puffs in Venice blog and you will go just as crazy as I did when I saw it. It is in my side bar.

Nerm, I'm still working on the tag you gave me. Am I suppose to just post it on my blog? Sorry, it is the first time I have been tagged.

Donna Lynn said...

Just checking in to see how you and your mom are doing, I am praying for you both!
Donna Lynn

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