Sunday, May 4, 2008


Aren't all weekends busy? This one sure was. Please excuse that I loaded the pictures in reverse order. The shopping was in the afternoon-the sewing in the evening. Anyway, here's the scoop:
Last night hubby and I went over to Amy's (middle daughter) house. She has a cute 1940's house. Hubby was installing a chandelier in kitchen. Of course, I forgot to take a photo of that.
It was a cheapo brass chandelier she spray painted flat black. She's outfitted it with little black shades and it looks so good. Trust me. Her kitchen has the original black & white ceramic tile countertop and backsplash. My role in this was making new kitchen curtains. Here are the old ones. Pale green like the wals.
I'm not sure who this industrious lady is, sewing her heart out!

The finished product. There is a valance at the top and another pair over the kitchen sink.
This fabric is Micheal Miller's Dandy Damask. Love the look.

Previously yesterday, Kitty and I went antiquing in downtown Franklin. This is an old Civil War town filled with wonderful old homes and antique shops. The Main Street is filled with little specialty stores. Here's Kitty striking a pose outside one of the shops.

This is store we love, having it's Spring Open House. But I only spent $10.00! What's wrong with this picture?

Here's another shot of an antique mall. Lots of goodies, but my feet started hurting and Kitty's husband was calling, so we called it a day. Pretty much empty handed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weather was PERFECT-wish it would stay spring all the time. Luv, Nerm


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Love the curtains Nerm, great fabric. Bet it looks awesome with the black n white flooring. Kitty is so pretty! Glad you had fun girls.

Jamie said...

Wow, love the curtains, bet they look great with that counter and backsplash! Amazing it is the original, I can picture the light too, sounds great.

It's really nice to see you hard at work in one of your favorite spots, you look SO cute!!

Glad you had a great weekend!

We went to parks both today and yesterday, then tonight after the kids were in bed, I noticed all the laundry I should have at least started...oh, well,the laundry will still be there tomorrow! It was so nice here in MN, FINALLY!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well I love the curtains. I have that fabric. So classic and classy.

Elizabeth said...

Nice weekend all round! Ours was fun too. Cute curtains,love the fabric :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you again nerm. You should have an extra good mothers day this year. I love you and couldnt do without you

Donna Lynn said...

Oh my word Nerm,
Victoria was in Franklin looking around right when you were! She has had a whirlwind week and is flying home tomorrow...I can't wait till she is back, I miss her so much and know I only have 3 weeks left till she is gone!
I love the curtains, black and white is so fun! Please post pictures of her kitchen when you are all done!
Hugs, Donna Lynn

Christine said...

The weather is warmer up here in Minnesota so you can move closer now to me and help me sew!!!!!

Your work is wonderful.

Glad to see your weekend was fun.

Wen said...


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