Friday, May 2, 2008

NASHVILLE SPRING and other thoughts

I wanted to share a few springy views of my yard. Everyone is showing spring in their little corner of the world, so I had to let you see mine as well. I love flowers and beautiful landscapes, but with my arthritis I can only do containers. Which I'm not showing yet, because I'm not finished. By the time summer is here, I should be ready! I'm glad you all are so nice and forgiving.
This is a small concrete angel which actually stands under an arbor. I love concrete figures. This one is a few years old and has developed that good green mossy look.
Beautiful azalea bush. Loves these bushes-they are everywhere around here.
I know, I know, this is a weed, but, hey, it's pretty too. The Purple is a nice contrast to the bright pink azalea.
Even a little rusty pocket on the lattice look good in the Spring. Guess I could put something exciting in it.

Okay, that's enough spring for now. Let's discuss something I've been asked a few times. Why do I use the name "Nerm"? Well, now, let's go back a few years to a time when Kitty was just a young whippersnapper. We would sit on the stairs in the entry hall waiting for her carpool to arrive to take her to school. We played Goldfish, the card game, only they had all the characters from Garfield on each one. There was Garfield, Odie, and of course, Nermal, Garfield's girlfriend. Kitty started calling me Nermal. In our family everything is shortened; thus, Nermal became Nerm. I am still called this (for real). It has stuck thru the years and it seemed a cute name for our blog. Daughter Kitty was nicknamed Kitty a long time ago because she loves cats. She has a cat we rescued from a construction site when she was 2 weeks old. (the cat, not Kitty!) Kitty carried that poor cat around day and night. She even took her to school one day for show and tell! That cat is named Fluffy and she is a senior citizen. I will post a picture someday of our cats. So now you know more than you ever wanted to about our names and some of our crazy family antics. Luv, Nerm


Jamie said...

OK, love your story of your "names"!

I love your angel and your wild flowers and your azalias!! We have no color up here yet at all, well, we do have green grass now, so it is SO nice to see those beautiful flowers, thanks for putting some Spring into my day!

I bet your grandchildren love your angel?

Donna Lynn said...

Oh Nerm, what a cute story...the boys and I were talking about nicknames just tonight! Don's grandma was Toots, my Aunt was Tete, just like a cows utter, then I had a aunt who's nickname was Brownie! Us kids thought it was because she had huge liver spots all over her skin! HA!
Nerm and Kitty are just so sweet compared to these! Thanks for letting me know your darling back story.
Have a great weekend, praying that your stormy weather stops soon!
Big hugs,Donna Lynn

Elizabeth said...

I had a feeling that Nerm came from Garfield :) Hey my dad is headed to Nashville. I think for my step-moms job. He loves Nashville.

Wen said...

What I think is so funny is that you have any written about (or should I say revealed) just 2 of the many nicknames our family has for one another. Not only does every single family member have their own nickname but so do all of the animals. I think we have a problem. : )

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