Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas is a memory and the decorations are drooping a little. We usually wait until Jan. 1 to take our tree down, but this year I'm ready to do it early. We did have a great celebration with our family on Christmas Day. A few folks were missing--mainly my brother-in-law and nephew, both of whom are serving in Iraq now. My sister is without her husband and one of her sons. Although I'll say this about her, she handles it very well and keeps a good attitude. She did get to talk to them on Christmas Day tho' with the miracle of long distance electronics.
I received money and gift cards and they're really burning a hole in my purse. LOL Gotta get out there and get it spent.

I realize that a large section of the country is covered in snow and is expecting more. Here in middle Tennessee, we do have cold weather and even a wintry mix in the forecast, but these pictures show pretty much what winter looks like here. I always have thought the dark, bare limbs of trees look like lace against the winter sky. Hubby and I are shopping for a new camera with some of our Christmas money and then I'll have more dramatic pictures to show you all.

This is a maple tree and a Bradford pear tree next to it. Look at that beautiful blue clear sky. Makes for cold nights though.

Hope everybody is settling down for their long, winter's nap-stay warm!! Nerm

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Elizabeth said...

HI Nerm, a belated Merry Christmas to you!! Happy 2010 :)

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