Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We have had the gloomiest, grayest, rainyest (?) weather lately. The skies are leaden and if it were colder, I just know we'd have snow. You know how we here in Tennessee pray for snow and haven't really had a good one in several years. Seriously tho', all this rain is causing area flooding with some people being evacuated from their homes.
This is what the view from my back door looks like-this was mid afternoon and it looks almost like nightfall. My poor little dogs don't want to go outside to do their business and who can blame them?
On a happy note, my niece Callie is in the hospital as I type this having her baby. Hopefully, we'll have a picture to share tomorrow.
Stay dry and warm wherever you are. Nerm


❦TattingChic said...
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❦TattingChic said...

It's been grey and dreary here as well, but it did brighten up a bit today!

Congrats on your niece's new baby!

Carol J. said...

Hi Nerm. Brrrr....we had a snow day yesterday and tomorrow, the temps are only due to hit the high 20's! We had a giant thunderstorm last night, after the snowstorm...weird! Crazy weather.

Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Hey, Nerm. Congrats on the baby--such a nice time of year for a new baby...thanks for visiting my blog. The flowers you asked about are made from polymer clay--if I had a kiln, I'd use real clay. I love the look of fired creations...

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