Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm completely recovered now from my unfortunate bout with food poisoning. Alas, I am hopelessly behind now, so I have scaled down my plans and expectations. Actually, I'll admit that the older I get, the more relaxed I am about holidays and entertaining in general.
Today was Morgan's 4th birthday. She's such a cutie. Can't believe it's been four years. I remember being in the birthing room with Wendy right after I had foot surgery. I had my cast propped up on a chair and was cheering from the sidelines! We'll celebrate the weekend after Christmas at Chuckie Cheese. Oh, boy!
Welcome to our home. Glad you stopped by. I copied this wreath from one at Horchow's for $96.00. I even bought some of the flowers at Dollar Tree. It's very rewarding to replicate something expensive with cheap-o things.

I've been wanting to share this St Nicholas/Father Christmas with you for a while. My mother made him for me several years ago. The face is soft sculpture with a wool robe and fur trim. She collected little odds and ends for a while including the lantern.

I especially love the toy sack filled with all kinds of little goodies. My mom has always been very creative and passed some of those genes on to me. It's sad now to see her diminished capabilities. I try to remember the way she was while I was growing up. I am glad she is living here with us and I can spend time with her and make sure she is taken care of.

Here's another Santa. Gail, my sister, found this on sale at Home Depot (of all places) and bought him for me. I have a large Santa collection which I haven't put out this year, but this guy will be a great addition. Maybe next year, I'll be more organized and I'll show you all my santas. I have several that are antiques and many that are more modern. I'm always on the look-out for ones which are unusual and different.

I think this will be my last post before Christmas. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday. Hope all your prayers and dreams come true. I'll be back on the 26th. Lots of love, Nerm


❦TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday to that little cutie and Merry Christmas to you!!!
Like you I love Horchows goodies and can afford the Dollar Store's prices! LOL! Good job with that wreath it does look expensive! You have great talent! Glad to hear that you have recovered from your food poisoning!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Morgan, boy, has she grown!! 4 is such a fun age!

Your wreath and decorations are beautiful!!!

God bless you, have a wonderful Christmas Nerm!

Wendy said...

Oh mom...this was a precious post! I love the pic of Morgie! She was soooo thrilled to come home last night to her new Disney Princess Bike! She woke up early this morning and rode it in the kitchen, in her panties. lol lol
Love u....thanks for sharing! : )

Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Nerm! Your decorations are lovely! Hope you & yours have a wonderful, blessed Christmas! Thanks for being my friend!--Cheryl

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

You did a GREAT job on the wreath. It turned out just beautiful!!!
And your Santa's from Mom and Sis really are SO unique and beautiful.
Glad to hear you've bounced back from the stomach flu!!!
Take care,

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