Monday, November 16, 2009


From the outset let me say, please forgive the quality of these photos. I'm having issues with my camera and I seem to be turning out fuzzy pics.
As I mentioned before in my last post, Gail (sister) and I spent most of Saturday at Christmas Village, a fundraiser with hundreds of booths and goodies for sale. Also hundreds of people to push thru...nevertheless, it's always alot of fun and we get some good sister time.
One of the favorite things I purchased was this angel. It's wood which has been antiqued to look old. I really love angels and have several. This one's arms move up and down. Wish it was a better picture.
Here's where the dog part of the title comes from: my favorite dog of all time--Snoopy!! Gail took this photo of me giving the pooch a big hug. They were promoting Peanuts on Ice and I had to push lots of little kids aside to get this photo taken. (just kidding). I told Snoopy that I loved him and embarrassed my sis to death! LOL

Now on to the 2nd dog: Please meet Niko, an Olde English Bulldog. Can you see the tongue hanging out through the blurred photo? Kitty is dogsitting this animal while his owner is serving his time in Iraq. Meanwhile Kitty is out of town for her job for a few days, so hubby and Nerm get the honor of keeping him. We have two Shih Tzus who are small and quiet. This dog is very earthy (do ya get what I'm sayin' here?) and nervous b/c he doesn't understand why he's here. All I can say is I'll be very glad for Kitty to come home and reclaim him. Hubby and I are getting several laughs at his quirky personality tho'.
Have a great week-Nerm

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Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Happy 29th birthday, Nerm!!--Cheryl

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