Friday, November 6, 2009


Hi everybody! It's so good to be blogging again. I really missed y'all! I know I've been absent for a while. Where has the time gone? It just seems that life gets in the way. I've missed talking with all my blogland friends. I've been checking in on you tho'-now I'll leave a comment or two.

Is it really November? Is next month December? Does that mean this year is almost gone? I am in BIG trouble here. Oh, those New Year's resolutions! All those good intentions! Boy, am I behind! I just finished this fall quilt. Now I bought this pattern last year , but true to form, didn't get around to making it until this year. Also it called for a jack o'lantern face, but I left that off so it could last thru the whole autumn season. I love the colors--it's very cheerful.

Now here's part of what's kept me busy lately. We have a big bonus room and it was way out of date. Money being tight right now, I decided to do all the work myself. This was fun, but took a little (ha) longer. The new color is a pretty green-very fresh and calming. Love it with the white woodwork.

In progress...

I took an old gold frame and covered it in small twigs attached by glue gun and added a little nest with eggs for a whole new look for an old print. Forgive the glare from the flash.

We had several old shutters stuck up on the attic. I painted this one with flat antique white paint and stuck some old postcards and vintage holy cards in it. Finished it off by gluegunning shells and a starfish. Love the look.

Got this idea from Pottery Barn kids catalog. They had a branch like this in one of the settings. I thought way not? Out to the yard again for more branches. A little scrapbook paper and glue gunning later and voila! looks just as good as PB.

When this chore was completed, our extended family (daughters & their families) had a huge yard sale. This was a tremendous undertaking. It helped to have several people to trade off cashier duty, etc. Granddaughter Mekenzie sold brownies and lemonade. Check it out:

This is what was left. Thank goodness for the Salvation Army and their pick up service. Believe it or not, we sold tons of stuff, but still had lots to donate. These things are exhausting. That's why it will be a long time before we have another one.

Well, that's gonna do it for tonight. I will be back again soon. I'd forgotten how much this was!

Thanks for visiting. Nerm



Jamie said...

Yahoo!! I'm the first to leave a comment!

I'm so glad you are ok, I was actually afraid to call, in case you were dead or something...well, It could have happened!!!

You've had prayers coming your way Nerm, I'm so happy you are good and busy!

I love the color of the new room and I totally love that bird nest/stick picture, beautiful!

Welcome back!

Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Wow, you're on a crafty roll there, girl! Nice work--BETTER than Pottery Barn! I love, love, love the color on your walls, especially with the white trim. You're getting a lot done. So glad you're back in blogland. (I just read Jamie's comment above--that dead thing cracks me up...since you're not, of course!!)--Cheryl

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow, I can't believe all that has gone on. The birds nest is so sweet. It is good you are back.

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