Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanksgiving is one week from today and you wouldn't believe my dining room. I've been busy sewing in there for weeks and have several projects spread from one end to another. Yikes. I'd better get going this weekend. I envy all those good bloggers whose homes are decorated for the autumn/Thanksgiving celebration. I do have my front door done, so I'm good from the outside. Ha, ha. (slightly hysterical laughter)

I will show you something I HAVE done: continuing in my bird & nature theme in the bonus room, I have made a little arrangement which is on a shelf over the TV. I found an old 1 x 4 in the garage (thank goodness, hubby is a builder) and attached these letters to it. Painted it all with my favorite antique white. Then out to the yard for misc. grass,weeds, and sticks to make the nest. No, I didn't use a real one. Glued my birdie in and voila, there it is! I'm pretty proud if I say so myself.
Thought I'd share one of sewing projects with you: I love making pillows. So many choices and possibilities. Also so fast and easy! This one has red and white ticking on the back, making it more cottagey feeling. It was for a friend's birthday.

Guess that's all for today, friends. It was a glorious day here--cool but sunny. Perfect fall day. I am going to be sad to see them go. Nerm


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by recently. I admire you for being able to care for your mom in your home. What an act of love!
I scrolled down to see a couple of your cute grandbabies. I have three myself. What would we do without them?
And I LOVE the NEST board you made here. It turned out precious!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey there, I almost gave you up for lost!! Good to see you are back at it again! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving

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