Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hope your week is going well and you're getting all those last minute things finished up. I'm working my heart out or at least my fingers! I have had so much fun this year doing all these handmade gifts. Good thing my sweetiepie hubby likes to cook, since I'm usually tangled up in thread or yarn when he comes home. We make a great team.

Here's our tree. This year we did it differently. Forever it has been in our den which has a cathedral ceiling and we'd get a 9ft tree. Very pretty. But...we really live in our bonus room, that's what honey's big screen tv is and the computer, etc. So we decided to do a smaller tree in there where we could enjoy it more. It is nice to look over and see it, but something is really missing in the den. The family doesn't like it in here particularly, esp. Kitty. I expect next Christmas, it will be back in it's rightful place, but, hey, you never know til ya try. Actually I'm expecting they are all going to want me to do two full size trees-one for each room. To that I say a resounding no way. Remember, folks, I'm trying to simplify!

Here are a few interesting ornaments. This is a rose with thorns, etc. hard to see. That's a full moon on the right of rose.

My favorite ornament-glassblown church. Quite large -at least 5" high. It is heavy so I have to be careful where I put it.

One afternoon after school while I was decorating the tree, Tanner's bus got here and he was more than happy to help. He comes here everyday after school for about an hour until Wendy gets off work to pick him up. Gives us good quality time in a low key, quiet way. Please note the chipmunk cheeks with Tootsie Roll Pop!

Last picture: This is the mantel in the den. The painting is of my great-grandfather. My grand- father painted it (he was an artist). I have several of his paintings. This one is quite large--it takes up the whole space above the mantel. I decorate around it with woodland things in keeping with the scenery of the painting.

Guess that's it for tonight, folks. Back to the knitting for me. Nerm


Victoria Lynn said...

Everything looks so pretty! It's fun that your grandson gets to come by every day and help you with things. He'll remember those fun times. I was busy sewing up a storm today. I finally finished my Christmas stockings. Had to get them done before Santa could come! :) This weather has been crazy. Looks like better weather is on its way. Have a wonderful blessed weekend.
Victoria Lynn

Jamie said...

Your tree is beautiful. I love ornaments and the past that comes with them, the reason we have them, where we got them. My Katherine said when we took out our ornaments "I remember everything from last Christmas!" I hardly hung any this year, they did almost all of it. Tom and I did the lights and they had so much fun doing the ornaments.

That time with your grandson is so precious. He is a lucky little boy!

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I love this time of year: everyone sharing etc. Lovely tree and cute that the wee one helped out!!

TattingChic said...

Your tree is lovely! You are really into the christmas spirit and it is fun to see! :)

Christine said...

I like the painting. What a nice keepsake to have. Glassblown ornaments in my house would not last very long. They are pretty though.

You always say such nice comments to me. You are sweet Nerm...just plain sweet sweet sweet!

Have a great weekend!


Hi Nerm,
Your tree looks lovely and your Grandson looks so sweet helping decorate the tree. I have Kailee after school on Tue & Wed. Sometimes she is so tired she falls alseep in the recliner:)
Merry Christmas!!

Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas Nerm and Kitty. Hope you have a glorious one.

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