Monday, December 15, 2008


Greetings everyone. Hope your weekend was enjoyable. Ours went well,--enjoyed an afternoon out with Amy (middle daughter) and on Sunday a beautiful service at church. The third Sunday of Advent is called Gaudette Sunday and has a special liturgy and music. Adds a deeper dimension to the Christmas season.

Here are some pics of part of the decor-Please pardon the dark photos. These were taken mid-afternoon, but as you can see thru the windows, it was gloomy and overcast outside. The temperature has been dropping all day and is now below freezing. We are waiting for the ice and freezing rain to start. Goodie!
My dining room table has what we call the Winter Wonderland display. Tanner saw it and said, "Wow, Grammie, where did you get all this great stuff? Is that real snow?" He play and poked and oohed and aahed. Is this what Christmas is about or what!!!

Below is the little town of Bethelem. We bought this several years ago at Sam's and I love it. The detail is incredible. Tanner loves this one too. LOL

Another shot of the dining room-sorry I got my pictures out of order.
These letters spelling "NOEL" were purchased at Joann's for $1.00 each. Quite the bargain, eh?
They're made of felt with eyelets so I strung them up with yarn and hung it in kitchen window.

I managed to pull off a major goof with a previous post. Put my sister Gail's gift on there and failed to tell her not to read my blog for a while! She called today to say she had seen her gift and I felt so, so bad. But I don't have time to make her anything else. Guess I'll just have to kiss up for a while. ha ha Nerm


TattingChic said...

Lovely! It looks like you are all ready for Christmas! :)

Jamie said...

Your house looks beautiful! I love your table centerpiece. I tried leaving a centerpiece out full of snowmen and it only lasted 2 days, because the snowmen were always all over....that kind of stuff might have to wait for a couple years! Clare had stretched the arms of one snowman. (they were curled wire arms with mittens on the ends) She also took the orange toothpick carrot noses out and they were no where to be found...gotta laugh, but I don't gotta leave them all out! :)

I loved your Christmas crafts, just beautiful. Too bad your sis found out what she's getting, Oh, well, now the hard part will be waiting, right?


Hi Nerm,
Merry Christmas!!
Your village and centerpieces look great.
Oops...about you showing a gift for your sister and then she saw it:)

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