Sunday, July 20, 2008


I would love to be able to spend the summer outside with fun family activities. However... when it's 93 degrees in the shade with an ORANGE ozone alert, I'm afraid this blogger will be securely enscounced in her cozy, air-conditioned home! And I suspect the weather won't improve much until after Labor Day. Last fall it didn't really cool off until the end of September.

You'll probably find me knitting or sewing during these hot days. It even puts a dent in my new found hobby of garage sale-ing. Drat. I told hubby we need a summer home in Maine.

Currently in Nashville, TN (37205)
Partly Cloudy
93°FFeels Like98°F
Dew Point:
30.04 inches
From the West at 9 mph

Tonight: Partly cloudy. A stray thunderstorm is possible through the evening. Low 71F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.
Tomorrow: Abundant sunshine. Hot. High 97F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
Complete 10-Day Forecast
So, my friends, try to keep cool and hang on til Fall arrives! Luv, Nerm


Garage sale gal said...

Hi I missed you. Glad your back. It's hot here too and humid, for MN anyway. :) Then when I 'm having those darn hot flashes,, I'm having a little give away, come visit. Warmly :) Deb

Jamie said...

Wow!! I guess everywhere has their bad weather, we have the winters in MN, and you have those long, hot, humid summers! Although, we usually have much hotter summers than we are having this year. You could get a summer home in MN, right?

The girls wore their twirly skirts all day, they were just SO adorable and we got many compliments on them!! Thank you again, so very much! I'm off to post pictures, after I read a couple blogs!

Joanne Kennedy said...

We have been pretty blessed here in So. CA. It's been in the 70's where I am. Some places more inland has been hot but here on the Coast has been lovely.

Thank goodness for a/c though. I hate the heat and wish I could just skip over summer all together.

Big hugs

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Nerm, Welcome back, Ahhhhh those lazy dazes of summer, mine are few and far between I went back to work after taking 7 months off! WOW! Thanks for the comments! Have a blessed day and stay cool! XO Diana Lyn

Elizabeth said...

I bet the humidity is the worst part, because when it is upper nineties here, it isn't so bad because it is dry. Right now we are having lovely weather in the 80's and clear. After all the fires, it's nice to see the sky again.
Stay cool and sew your little heart out :)

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