Sunday, July 6, 2008

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! (a little late)

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday. My, it was grand to have a three-day weekend! Saturday, we went to family reunion of my hubby's family down in Fayetteville, TN. They do this every year. Loads of good food, lots of conversations & catching up on lives, and swimming. I was so happy that it had rained a little earlier in the day and it wasn't as hot as usual for this time of year. Last year's get together saw temps of 95.
Tom's sister had been going thru some things of their mother's (she passed away several years ago) and brought him a number of things from his childhood. Just look what collector's items we have now! I told him it means you're old when your toys are 'vintage' and collectible. ha, ha.
These are both metal banks. You place a coin on the rocket and it sends it into the opening.
The silver rocketship has a similiar action. Aren't they neat?

Here's his Boy Scout handbook and school dictionary. How funny is it that I remember the same dictionary even tho' I grew up in Kentucky and he was in Tennessee.
The other item which is kinda hard to see is a wooden pencil holder with a cowboy carving on the front. Tom was a hugh Roy Rogers fan and we have a photo of him with his cowboy hat and guns just like in the movies. So cute!

Well, that's all for today. We'll talk more later. Luv, Nerm


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun things. Thanks for sharing them. I have memories of a bank that though different had movement to put the money in it. Fun fun.

Garage sale gal said...

Hi Nerm,
Boy, would my husband love those old toys. He is a collector of old toy, they have taken over the family room:) Sounds like you had a nice weekend:) Warmly, Deb

Elizabeth said...

What great treasures! We have one of those dictionaries! I love the toys,so vintage,yet some kinda seem familiar....I guess I'm getting old too.:)

Anonymous said...

nerm, I had the best time with you and dad on our short road trip this weekend. Cant wait till the end of the month for our BIG road trip.

Christine said...

Hey to look and see how you are doing! Seems like you are an old friend to me know and I have only know you for a couple months....weird huh?

Anyways I love old books. The oldest one I have is from the 1700's!

Happy 4th to you and hope you are having a great summer!

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