Monday, July 28, 2008


Not much going on around here, so I decided it's high time to introduce you all to the four-legged components of our family. Take a deep breath, there are alot of them. I guess we're kinda a little over the edge.
Here's Tanner loving hubby's dearly beloved Bella, our Newfoundland. She's very old now-about ten years old, which is elderly for such a large dog. (she's about 150 lbs)!!! She's very patient with all the grandchildren and other animals. The puppies do get on her nerves, but she's improving in that area.
This isn't the best photo, but shows Kitty loving her special girl, Fluffarina. She's had this cat since Kitty was in grade school Fluffarina is 15 years old, and now that Kitty is married and moved on, she stayed here with us. Now she keeps my mother company upstairs and begs for treats continually.
You've seen these cuties before--I got them for Christmas this past year. What stinkers! What little loves! Can you tell I love, love them. Smoocher and Boomer, take a bow!

I'm not sure you can distinguish between all the fur...In the foreground my two puppies are stuffed into one bed, while in the back cat Lilly is in another. Cozy. They all get along great!

Now here is Lilly. She walked up to our house about 9 years ago, a young cat who was very scared and hungry. Little by little we fed her until she would come inside. Now this cat lives the life of luxury. One funny note: Soon after she was 'tamed', we took her to the vet for a check up. After checking Lilly, he looked up and said, "Now, you know that Lilly is really Larry, don't you?" Since 'she' was young it wasn't apparent, but we still call her, er...him, Lilly. Habit, ya know! ha, ha

And, finally, In beloved Muffin. She passed away right before Christmas after about 20 years! She belonged to my neighbor who died of cancer and asked me to take care of her. She became my cat and followed me like a dog. I still miss her alot. She was a beautiful calico cat.
Are you bored out of your skulls now? I don't think 3 dogs and 2 cats in one happy home is too much, do you? Hey, different strokes for different folks, eh? Luv, Nerm


Wendy said...

Nerm, I love that you put all the "family" on here. There is alot of those creatures! Maybe u should put pictures on your blog of all of the actual family. Like your girls, granskids in order of age, ur sons, etc. I dont know....just an idea. love u


Hi Nerm
I have a rubber stamp that says "you can never have too many dogs" and Love Me, Love My you have just the right number of dear sweet 4 legged friends. Warmly,Deb

If you saw something that you want at the "booth" arrangements can be made !!!

Joy said...

What pretty furbabies you have and had. We have a black cat and a little mutt named Salsa.

TattingChic said...

What fabulous four legged friends you have. I love the name fluffarina! It's such a perfect name for that kitty and I can see a little girl naming a kitty cat cute!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Nerm, HI Kitty!
Hope your both surviving the TN heat wave...Victoria says it has been around 98 each day! WOW, that must be something, I am sure your airconditioners are getting quite a work out!

I have two blogs now, it was not by choice, read down on blushing rose to see what happened, I was trying to take my new blog in a new direction but the old blog just reappeared! Weird cyberspace...

Think about you both often, it was fun to shop a bit with you both, hope Kitty is doing well, let me know!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

I love this post Nerm. All of them are adorable and what extremes...from big to little and young to old!

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