Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hot off the press--or sewing machine--my sweet puppies in their new winter coats. I just finished Boomer's today (he's the black one) and had to have a fashion show. I can't say the pups were too excited. Smoocher stood stock still like he was frozen-it was hilarious. I thought the red plaid looked exceptional on Boomer with his black hair. Smoocher's gray, black & white coat matched his gray and white hair. I made them from fleece which is so soft and warm. Not that the little darlings stay out in the weather very long. And, after all, this is Tennessee, not Michigan! LOL Now, on to the good part of this post... Kitty was over yesterday and had a yen for chocolate chip cookies. She whipped up the dough and decided to make one BIG cookie like those you see in the mall bakeries. This one practically ran off the cookie sheet, but let me tell you, this is one good cookie. Very rich and full of chips. If you are a chocolate fan, this one's for you!
Couldn't even have get the whole thing in the picture. Wanna bite? Nerm


Jamie said...

OH, I can smell that cookie right through the computer!!!!


Those coats are so cute!!

back to the cookie, how long did you have to bake it? I---I mean the kids would love to bake one like that!

Wendy said...

Oh Nerm.....those silly pups look cute in their new winter coats! Although, I didnt realize when I saw them the other day, that you made them. I thought maybe you had decided to just buy them each one. You did such a good job!

And as far as that cookie is concerned....been there....done that! It was sooooo yummy. I was lucky enough to have stopped by the house the next day and was able to have a sample of that incredible sweet treat. That cookie picture is great!

Victoria Lynn said...

Your doggies look quite stylish in their new coats. And now the weather is colder and they can use them! I wish you and your family a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!
Victoria Lynn


Hi Nerm,
Your puppies look so sweet in their new coats:) I think my little JB needs one.
Yummy cookie...I've never made one that big.

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